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Stop the war on women

Today also a girl got raped. We all got a status to upload. So, just because of uploading status men will change? We need to take stand. This is India.  I don't know why people are mentioning these rapist's caste. They are monsters. People are posting *Dalit girl got gang raped by Thakur's*  What is this??  There's no point of mentioning the caste of these people. Simply a girl got gang raped by monster. And she is already dead inside. These monsters not only raped her, they cut her tongue after destroying her life. Also, broke her backbone and gave many injuries to her And, Now this is the time we all should come forward and support her and ask for her justice. Instead of making these shitty celebrities famous, we should support these rape victims so that these monsters will get punished and victims will get justice. *Tell you sons to stay at home not your daughters because if your sons will stay at home then only India will become r